What We Do

What We Do

National Labor Strategies is here to help, whether it is for temporary, temp-to-hire or full-time positions in the clerical / administration, warehousing, packaging, or distribution industries.

National Labor Strategies invests time interviewing and evaluating each candidate applying for a position. Through this process NLS can determine what positions a candidate will be most successful in. This process allows for the best possible candidate to be sent out to your place of work. National Labor Strategies has a partnership with Lab Corp for all our pre-employment drug screening in the Tri-State Area. There are 132 clinics available to us. We also have a 24 hour turn around time on background checks.

We offer

Free Consultations
Competitive Rates
Dependable Service
Free On-site Management of our Employees
Free Time and Attendance systems
Health benifits options for our employees

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Your Go-to Place for Professional
qualified personnel for your business
at a reasonable rate

Let National Labor Strategies focus on giving you the best personnel to complete the job.

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