When you think of a forklift operator you don’t necessarily think of someone who I’d in high demand. But forklift operators require a qualification, and with the sudden rise in warehouses and online shopping there is a growing need of this skilled workforce. If you have a forklift license or you are thinking of getting one in the near future, there could be a secure job waiting for you. Even if the pandemic ends  it doesn’t look like the consumer appetite will follow any time soon.


The pandemic has probably changed the world for ever more. The high Street that was once thriving with shoppers on the weekends is now a desolate place, and even when the pandemic ends it might be hard for people to rekindle a desire to go.

The reason is that digital shopping has become so much easier and more affordable. On top of that retails outlets struggle to compete on price, they have larger overheads than websites. This changing world has produced some advantages, especially for forklift operators.


Analysts say that ecommerce was already on the rise. They say that prior to the pandemic the trend was for more and more people to use ecommerce platforms over the coming years. The pandemic simply accelerated the process.

The rise of ecommerce means there are more warehouses and forklift operators in demand than ever before. These workers are needed to stock and manage the vast warehouses full of consumer goods waiting to be bought online.


Absentmindedly online shopping was on the rise prior to the pandemic. The pandemic accelerated it and made it one of the key consumer channels. This trend is only going to strengthen now and become more efficient, there are too many benefits of online shopping.

Since Amazon raised the bar with ecommerce deliveries and with its consumer expectations, there has been an exponential increase in the number of warehouses and the need for forklift drivers. If you need a secure job for the future get into this line of work.


Like any industry, ecommerce strives for efficiency. It does this in several ways but one of them is the supply chain process. The faster ecommerce businesses can get their products to customers the better their reputation and promotional ethos.

The way they do this is by expanding their warehouse operations and opening warehouses in local areas. This means that popular products can be delivered quickly and efficiently when ordered. More warehouses means more forklift operators.


Since consumers expectations have risen in terms of delivery efficiency it means that competition is also high. In the online marketplace consumers will also opt for a service that is faster and cheaper, giving some brands and businesses a bit of a headache.

They solve this by operating warehouses efficiently and managing popular products that can be delivered more quickly. The task of a forklift operator is to ensure products are placed according to its delivery criteria.