If you are interested in making money quickly and are not choosy when it comes to jobs, cleaning might be the way to go. However, one of the attributes required is trustworthiness. Most of the people seeking this service don’t have the time to sit around and supervise. They will therefore entrust everything to you and embark on other duties.

When it comes to being a cleaner, there is a lot more required than knowing how to get things done. You will need the following traits as well;

  • Trustworthiness
  • Time management skills
  • Confidentiality
  • Great attention to detail
  • Discipline
  • Reliability

There are different types of cleaning jobs that you can embark on. The best way to succeed is to choose an area and specialize in it. This will work to your advantage since you will develop a marketing strategy targeting a specific market.

When you offer your services efficiently, you won’t have to worry about marketing your services since clients will refer their circle to you. You might even find yourself overwhelmed with the number of jobs coming your way. You will have to use those seeking part-time or summer jobs to help you deliver services.

The different types of cleaning jobs are;

General Cleaner

This type of job requires you to be all-rounded since you are responsible for tidying up all the areas. You might also be required to do some fittings now and then and some minor repairs to ensure that everything is in order.


As a housekeeper, you will be responsible for daily chores. In addition, you’ll need to clean and organize the place daily.

Office Cleaner

You have to clean based on the requirements of the office and according to the given instructions. For example, you may have to clean the entire office, inclusive of the furniture.

Window Cleaner

You will have to specialize and undergo training as a window cleaner. It would be best if you weren’t afraid of heights since some windows will be above the ground and you’ll  have to use a ladder to reach them.

Pool Cleaner

You will have to be a great swimmer as well when it comes to this job. In addition, you’ll be responsible for the cleanliness of the swimming pool. Therefore, you will have to equip yourself with the relevant knowledge when it comes to this job to ensure quality service.

There are different types of cleaning services that you can choose to offer. Research on the needs of those around you for a start since this will help you customize your services to suit clients’ needs. The types of services you can offer include;

  • Residential Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Pool Cleaning

Keep in mind that some of the services will require special equipment. You will have to invest in such tools to make it easy to accomplish the job.

The best part is that there will always be something that needs cleaning. It is one of the most sought-after summer jobs, and you have to brand yourself well to be ahead of your competitors. You have to organize yourself in advance and ensure that you have all the necessary tools to facilitate the cleaning services you choose to offer.