Warehouse jobs are an essential part of the modern world, but customers who order items from eCommerce websites do not often consider the crucial middleman between the vendor and their front door.

What types of warehouse jobs are available?

There is a wide range of steady jobs in a warehouse, and this means there is a position for everybody, no matter their age, background, or experience level. With eCommerce more popular than ever before, demand for warehouse operatives has vastly increased, meaning there is always room for work if you need it.


A picker is responsible for picking items from the stock to send out to customers. Pickers receive orders and are tasked with locating the item within the warehouse. As everything is on a tight schedule, a picker must work fast and be able to learn where everything is. They may also be required to pick up several items at once to collate deliveries.


The delivery driver is responsible for shipping delivery orders, but they also spend time in the warehouse. As the driver, they must return to the warehouse depot after they have completed their deliveries. A delivery driver will also need to check that all the stock is there and help to load the delivery van, taking care not to damage items.

Forklift operator

As some warehouses will contain heavy objects or large pallets of stock, a forklift driver is essential for transporting stock around the warehouse. They will need to collect these pallets following delivery and also place them on warehouse shelves.

Skills needed for warehouse jobs

Warehouse jobs demand an array of skills if you want to be successful. In a busy warehouse, there is an emphasis on safety to prevent workplace accidents and injuries, especially when using heavy machinery. Besides this, other skills will help you succeed in a warehouse job.


Teamwork is arguably the most important skill you will need to succeed in a warehouse job. Because Of the fast-paced nature of warehouse work, everyone needs to remain on task to keep the process moving. Each job within the warehouse is a part of a chain, and if someone does not pull their weight, the chain will break and disrupt the process.


Communication is another crucial skill for warehouse success. You must be able to communicate effectively with your coworkers, managers, and people from other departments. This will prevent misunderstandings and ensure every delivery makes it out on time.


You may encounter issues while working in the warehouse, and problem-solving helps you overcome these issues yourself. While your managers will be happy to help you, some independent thinking can prevent disruptions.

Ability to learn

If you have never worked in a warehouse before, you may be exposed to new technology and processes. The ability to learn (and learn quickly) will avoid any issues and ensure smooth operation, especially as experienced workers will not always have time to lend assistance.

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