When the pandemic struck a lot of businesses went under. With no footfall and high rents to cover there was no way for these businesses to survive. Conversely, some industries began to thrive. One of them was warehousing, which is a major part of the ecommerce supply chain. As consumer demand changes and digital processes become more efficient and competitive the online supply chain gets ever stronger. In this article we find out why warehouse workers are now in such high demand. 




The pandemic began in late 2019 but it didn’t really take effect until spring 2020. Since then there has been an extortion of digital interactions, the main feature have been working from home and home shopping. This has positively impacted the warehouse sector. 


With more people than ever now working and shopping online there is a growing need for efficient distribution channels. This means larger warehouses and more of them. Some sectors are declining due to the pandemic, but warehousing isn’t one of them. 




When the pandemic started to take effect many countries had to lockdown forcing most people online for goods and services. The ecommerce sector was already on the rise but the pandemic effect accelerated it and made it more crucial.


Many ecommerce businesses need warehouses locally to store popular products and ensure efficient delivery. These warehouses, however, need to be staffed which account for the rose demand for warehouse workers. 




As mentioned online shopping has been on the rise for some time which is evident from the decline in the high street. Online shopping is more convenient, more relaxing, and it’s often cheaper – there is no need for brick and mortar rents. 


It’s not only ecommerce businesses that use warehouses and benefit from online shopping. Many of the traditional big brand high street shops have needed to adapt to protect revenue streams. This means warehouse operatives are in high demand. 




With all that’s going on in the world and the new economy, it’s no surprise that there has been a boom in warehouses. These warehouses are crucial to the supply chain and vital to meeting customer’s expectations. 


If it weren’t for an increase in warehouse infrastructure the world over, brands would not be able to offer fast or next day delivery. This is only possible with extended warehouse operations that are expanding all the time. 




Today’s consumers are different from the ones of yesteryear. They predominantly shop online and expect their products to arrive just in the post very soon. Certainly within the week, but the next day in many places. We have Amazon to thank for raising the bar. 


More warehousing is a feature of this expansion, but so too is delivery efficiency. It’s important for brands to cut down the supply chain journey as much as possible so they open warehouses in local places. This means items can be delivered on the same day.