During the Covid-19 pandemic, essential warehouse workers have joined the frontline of those keeping our economy afloat and supply chains moving. If you’re an employer, you face a balancing act; how do I keep my essential warehouse workers safe, while still meeting the increasing demands of the supply chain? Here is some advice on how to adapt to the need for more staff while still maintaining a safe working environment.

Essential Warehouse Workers During Covid-19

May 1st saw many major companies’ essential warehouse workers protest about their working conditions during Covid-19. Questioning their treatment over lack of PPE, hazard pay, and cleaning equipment, workers instructed to keep coming in have demanded a better working environment. As the US economy is gradually recognizing the importance of essential warehouse workers, their roles have become more critical than ever before as the economy is relying on delivery to keep supply chains running.

But as an employer, how can you keep your workers safe? Frequently sanitizing high-contact areas, using communication devices rather than encouraging close contact, and of course, providing staff with PPE are some of the essential tools for keeping your staff safe. At National Labor Strategies, we can provide management of our employees, to ensure the whole team is aware of the latest health and safety guidelines as they develop. We also provide fully trained staff who maintain exceptional health and safety standards.

Keeping The Bonuses For Keeping The Economy Going

With the end of hazard pay, many workers feel that the hazard is not yet over, which is why, as an employer, rewarding your staff will become an integral part of keeping your employees happy. Essential warehouse workers have allowed groceries, medical supplies, and critical items to keep moving through the supply chain. They’ve also allowed vulnerable individuals to keep ordering their daily items while staying safe at home. Without them, the economy would have come to a complete standstill. 

Retaining bonuses and pay rises will also be a great incentive to attract new employees if you see an increasing demand for home deliveries. Speaking to your team about what would make their working conditions feel safer will also help to foster a positive company culture. Company cohesiveness in the wake of Covid-19 will also help you and your essential warehouse workers to adapt together to the continually changing environment. Your team will still feel valued, while as an employer, you know you have your employees on board for any upcoming changes. 

The Impact On The Supply Chain

The call for essential warehouse workers has been higher than ever before, particularly with the impact of COVID-19 on the supply chain. Franz Muller, CEO of Ahold, told CNBC that although there is enough food in the US to feed the nation, the most significant problem seen has been increased demand. Collaboration between distributors and supermarkets has been better than ever before to fortify the supply chain as more individuals get their orders sent to them directly. 

The increased demand has seen an enormous influx in a need for essential warehouse workers to keep the supply chain moving. If you’re seeing an increased demand for essential warehouse workers, at National Labor Strategies, we can provide highly qualified, fully-screened and background checked candidates within 24 hours to offer instant support to your business. 

Adapting To Increased Health And Safety Policy

With an increase in staff also comes an increased need for more stringent health checks, higher volumes of PPE equipment, and in some cases the installation of plexiglass screens to provide safety barriers between individuals. Adapting to changing demands in staffing with quick and comprehensive safety updates will help to reassure employees that their safety is your main priority. If you need help communicating updates, National Labor Strategies can help you relay these updates to our hired employees as quickly and comprehensively as possible.

A Demand For Business Transparency

With the public calling for the number of Covid-19 deaths at major US warehouses to be confirmed, embracing a transparent business policy will be critical for both your company reputation and employee satisfaction. Communicate with your staff how they are being protected and how the pandemic has affected the business. Many employees are looking to feel valued at a turbulent time, particularly as they feel more exposed to the virus than those that are currently working from home.

Are you looking for essential warehouse workers to fulfill your increasing demand needs? Find your local National Labor Strategies location today, or give us a call on (201)820-3633 to find out how we can help you.